IHBA Councils and Committees

Associates Council


Develops/promotes associate members activities; encourages/strengthens associate member participation at a state level; initiates/supports programs affecting assistance and/or protection of state association and associate members.

Executive Officers Council


To review and coordinate programs and activities between state and local associations; to orient local directors and incoming officers about organization and how to participate in and serve on state committees;

Local President's Council


Comprised of presidents and first vice presidents of local associations. Promotes annual awards/special recognition programs; reviews coordination of programs and activities between state and local associations.



Responsible for location, scheduling, planning, programming, budgeting and financing annual convention and meetings of membership.



Examines, reports, and makes recommendations on state/national laws and legislation affecting building industry; may review report and make recommendations concerning local, municipal and county ordinances.



Responsible for promotion, establishment, affiliation and geographical jurisdiction of local associations; provides guidance and assistance; monitors membership growth and retention; develops and promotes programs to raise prestige of building industry; cooperates with national and local associations, private organizations and government entities to develop and promote observances in recognition of building industry; encourages liaison with media and maintains public information program coordinated with national and local associations.

Past Presidents


Comprised of association's past presidents. Reviews organization, structure and bylaws; serves as custodian of traditions and history; encourages grooming of qualified persons to serve as state officers; develops long range planning program. Serves on the Nominating Committee and Policy Committee.

Public Relations


Promote and enhance member and public awareness of the Idaho Building Contractors Association, Inc.

Home PAC


Receives contributions and makes expenditures for the purpose of supporting or opposing candidates for state office or statewide ballot measures. Responsible for keeping detailed record of accounts; filing required Campaign Financial Disclosure Reports to comply with Idaho Code.

To approve all applications. To recommend action to take against certified builder who fails to follow program or who refuses to abide by board decision. To make recommendations about complaints filed. To refer complaints to arbitration.