Legal Defense Fund

Legal Defense Fund

Idaho Home Builders Association

The Legal Defense Fund (LDF) of the IHBA exists to assist members of the association with advice, and in some cases funding to help defray the expenses of litigation. The LDF at a State and National level may get involved when the legal issue has the ability to impact the industry as a whole at a State and/or National level. Therefore the Committee and its funds should NOT be viewed as a member service but instead as an industry service. One of the most important things you, our member, can do is to get LDF involved as early in the process as possible. There are a myriad of details that, if handled up front, can have a dramatic impact on the end result.

About the Committee

About the Committee

Litigation can be a long and tedious process and the LDF Committee for the IHBA is committed to make obtaining access to additional funding as simple as possible. The LDF Committee consists of 1 voting member and 1 alternate from each of the participating local associations and obtains its funding from each of those participating locals based upon membership numbers. If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee, please contact your local President and/or leadership. Membership on the LDF Committee is a 2 year term, although members may be replaced at anytime as needed. The committee meets at each IHBA board meeting to review any pending issues or requests for funding and to recommend how much, if any, the IHBA will contribute towards the litigation of the issue. The fund is designed to supplement the cost of litigation for the parties involved, not to be the only source of funds.

3 Step Process

Notification of pending issue or litigation

Request an application & complete (Request application by contacting us below)

Meet with LDF Committee


Eligibility for financial assistance:

  • Support litigation or to develop an amicus brief
  • Matters of National, State, or Local significance
  • Matters concerning problems common to the shelter industry

Notice of possible litigation:
  • Submitted as early as possible - before litigation has started
  • Before hiring legal counsel - allow committee to get their own legal opinion of the contract
  • Submit Contact info
  • Submit a summary of the facts of the case

Application for Financial Support
  • Request an application & complete (Request application by contacting us below)
  • Include facts pertaining to the case, legal issues, status of the case and impact to the industry
  • Any other financial contributions or pledges

Meet with the LDF Committee
  • The committee will submit a list of questions to address at the face to face meeting
  • This meeting will occur at the next IHBA Board Meeting
  • Plan to bring all appropriate guests needed to address the questions

Committee recommendation
  • The decision will be made in a close door meeting with the appointed members of the IHBA Legal Defense Fund Committee
  • The Committee will make their recommendations to the IHBA Executive Board for approval

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